Since we want to offer our guests and employees the greatest possible protection against the new Coronavirus, we adhere to the guidelines of the Swiss Federal Office of Public Health (Bundesamtes für Gesundheit, or BAG) and our umbrella organization, Swiss Snowsports. We thank you in advance for your support through personal responsibility and solidarity.

  • By booking a course you agree to the general terms and conditions of grindelwaldSPORTS AG and confirm that you are in good health when participating in snow sports lessons.
  • Participation in the course is not possible if you have flu symptoms, respiratory problems or similar illnesses. If symptoms arise, the ski school office or the snow sports instructor must be informed immediately.



  • All of our sales outlets have been equipped in accordance with the current guidelines of the BAG.
  • According to the BAG, wearing a mask is mandatory in all publicly accessible places in Switzerland.
  • Whenever possible, the minimum distance of 1.5 meters should be maintained, or a mask must be worn.
  • Masks and tubes can be purchased at all of our sales points.
  • Self Check-In is possible at all ski school sales points. By scanning a QR code, personal details can be pre-registered in the waiting area. This shortens the sales process and reduces contact at the sales counter.



All snow sports instructors and employees are trained and made aware of the protection concept.

  • All employees carry safety equipment such as protective masks and hand disinfectants.
  • Although outdoor sports are, in principle, safe according to the declaration of the Swiss Confederation, our employees are obliged to wear masks at assembly points and where the required distance cannot be maintained.
  • By prior arrangement and with the consent of the guests, the snow sports instructor may do without a mask during lessons.
  • Employees who show symptoms are not allowed to teach. In case of suspicion, a Covid-19 test will be ordered.



  • The snow sports instructor is responsible for safety during the lesson and is permitted to interrupt the lesson.
  • In group lessons, the snow sports instructor may exclude or isolate a child with symptoms from the lesson and ask the parents to pick up the child.
  • If a lesson is cancelled due to symptoms of illness, you must have a negative Covid-19 test to continue the lesson. Clarification may be provided by a local doctor.



Refunds are possible if:

  • you have cancelled up to 24 hours before the start of the lesson
  • a medical certificate from a local doctor is available
  • a Coronavirus test is available (positive or negative, with date of the booked course)

When using the services of external service providers, such as mountain railroads, hotels, restaurants, etc., the protection concepts and measures of the respective company apply. These must be respected and complied with.